Thursday, February 19, 2009

"For me, the best work is passionate, fresh, well designed and well executed - the perfect balance of art and craft." Judy Villett

My love for arts and crafts was conceived at a very young age.

My mom has been a true inspiration in all my creative endeavors. Since childhood I have been watching her making pretty and detailed embroidery, hard to see with a naked eye. Even with so many responsibilities at that time she somehow managed to motivate me to learn and explore my talents in arts and crafts.

Unlike most of us, I started out with needle crafts. I was so inspired by my mom’s creations that I wanted to make the same things. Later on, I experimented with fabric painting, crochet etc but my first love was needle craft and it still is.After Coming to US,I started experimenting with paper crafts and recycled crafts and I love experimenting with different techniques.Stamping,stenciling,quilling.

Using this blog I would like to give exposure to my creative interests. I love hearing your thoughts and ideas, so please don't hesitate to comment. I read each one and appreciate them so much! I'm happy if you'd like to link to any of my projects, but please don't use my images or content without contacting me at

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