Friday, February 20, 2009

Pucca Mirror Embroidery Wall Hanging

This is a Wall Hanging I made long long back.My original reason for making this wall hanging was I wanted to gift it to my mother on my Parent's anniversary but somehow in the events of life...
it stayed with me even after marriage.
I used a sturdy Black cotton cloth and made the design myself.The embroidery was
very simple using chain stich,herringbone stich and Mirror work.For embroidery I used embroidery wool.Now,I am thinking of making a similar one...let's see how and when it
turns up.
Below is the closeup to the embroidery.


  1. Amazing work Bhabhi !!! I think this one is my favorite!

    And great job getting the blogs started! Really Good!!!

  2. Great work, Deepti!You are really blessed with great talent and what a brilliant idea of sharing these on your own blog...My best wishes

  3. wow!.....yeh sab kab come I never knew. we can all get together and open a design store!

  4. nice yaar......mast lag raha hein.....

  5. hey tune banaya

  6. wow bahut sundar lag raha hai