Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yet Another Card-Happy Anniversary

By now you all may have an inkling for my interests in Greeting Cards.Since childhood I loved greeting Cards,be it any occasion.I remember very well,my papa giving me greeting card on my birthday every single year.I think they are still somewhere in my stuff( as far as I remember) at my mom's.For some they may be a piece of paper,yet for someone else they convey a lot of happiness.
                       Well,coming to this particular greeting card....I had the design and the raw materials in hand for a long time but procrastination and circumstances pushed me to make this card at the last minute(as always!!!!).I made this card for my husband on our anniversary.
For this I used 3 Different colored Card stocks.The first layer is Dark blue colored card stock,the second one being Pink and the final one which formed the card was the Light blue card stock.I saw this picture of 2 birds,in newspaper for a valentine's day advertisement and thought,hmmm this I can use for something.(I am keeping loads of this type of cuttings,thinking I will use them for something ,somewhere.)Coming back to the card.....I glued Pink card stock on the light blue card stock folded in half.Then glued the dark blue card stock on the pink one and then the cute birdie picture.The final touch was the pink hearts and flower stickers on the diagonally opposite corners.Voila.
                                        Happy Anniversary Dear Hubby!!!!