Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainbow Headband for a Beautiful Girl

"Little girls dance their way into your heart, whirling on the tips of angel wings, scattering gold dust & kisses in our paths."
                  The above quote is so cannot elaborate more on it.In the last few years I have come in contact with so many beautiful little babies and although I am not partial against boys(I am a mom of one),girls hold a special little place in everyone's hearts.
Coming to the Headband.....,this is a headband I made for a beautiful little,smart girl "Mimi".She holds a very beautiful place in our heart.This headband was a small gift for her birthday.It's a simple crochet headband using cotton yarn specifically for crochet.The thread in itself is very contain's so many colors,when I saw it ,it felt right to be used for accessories for many outfits.                            

The pattern is as follows:-
1.Row 1-Make a row of 31 chains.(if you want to make a wider or narrower headband,increase or decrease the number of  chains.)
2.Row 2- Double crochet(DC) in second chain from hook ,leave 1 chain,then another DC in the next chain and so on.That means DC in alternate chains of the first row.
3.Row 3-90-Continue making DC as explained in Row 2.If you notice,I am saying row 3-90,You can increase or decrease the number of rows depending on the circumference of head.
4.To finish-Join the two ends of the headband using slip stich(SC) or threading a yarn needle and passing it through corresponding  ends of the headband.
    To learn more about Chain ,joining the two ends of the Headband,Single Crochet,Double Crochet click on the links.

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  1. It was this precious gift to my daughter from Deepti. Each thread of the band helds so much love from my dearest friend to my baby. Deepti you are such a wonderful person with tons of qualities and an amazing heart to hold so much feelings for others.