Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A very simple card for a very special Friend,to appreciate whatever she had done for us as a Family and especially for Tanvir.For this Card I used 3 different coloured cardstock.

Materials Used:-
Lilac Colored Cardstock
Purple Colored Cardstock
White Colored Cardstock
Printer or Calligraphy nibs for the "Thank You" inscription.
Art knife or smallest size sharp scissors

1.I printed the following pattern on the white cardstock.

2.Using Art knife with a very sharp blade,I worked around the printed design,removing the dark areas of the above pattern.If you don't have an Art knife ,you can use a very sharp smallest size scissors or any other blade.
3.Once the design has been created,paste the white Cardstock on purple Cardstock.
4.Fold the lilac cardstock in half and then paste the purple cardstock(with the white design) on the lilac cardstock.
5.For the "Thank You" inscription print it in a font and size of your liking ,or show your calligraphy skills.

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