Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rakhi Card

Rakhi: The Thread of Love
The chaste bond of love between a brother and a sister is one of the deepest and noblest of human emotions. 'Raksha Bandhan' or 'Rakhi' is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bonding by tying a holy thread around the wrist.

I made the above card to wish my dear brother on Rakhi.I used the following design.

Materials Used:-
Orange Cardstock -2 squares
Red Embroidery Thread
Green Embroidery Thread
Golden Embroidery Thread
Gel Pen for wording out your thoughts.
Crafting mat or some cushion padding for pricking the design on the cardstock
Embroidery Needle

1.Download and print the design.
2.Superimpose the design on one square of orange cardstock and put a crafting mat or a foam padding underneath the cardstock.
3.Using Embroidery Needle Prick the design(the 4 corners with flowers) on the cardstock.
4.Finally follow the directions and do the embroidery on the cardstock.
(A tip -While doing embroidery on paper,instead of making a knot on the wrong side of cardstock,stick the thread using a clear tape)
5.Once  you are done with embroidery ,Glue the second square of orange cardstock behind the embroidered cardstock.
6.Pen down your thoughts on the center of the card.
7.You can personalize the card the way you want...use any colorstock...contrast it with embroidery thread.