Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cupcake Birthday Card

This is a birthday card I made for my friend's daughter for her second Birthday.She is sweet as a cupcake and I wanted to let her know.It was such a simple card to make it came out beautifully.
                        For this card I used a Green Cardstock as base.A yellow polka dot cardstock as the second layer.For the final layer I printed an image which had different layers of cupcake.Just enlarged the image and cut different layers on different colored papers.Finally using craft glue I attached the cupcake image on the yellow Polka dot cardstock.I am proud of the way the card turned up.
Happy Birthday again sweetie pie.


  1. tumne apne bday ke liye banaya tha. meri taraf se

  2. Bilkul Sahi Niketa.Kaam Hamara,naam tumhara ....ha ha ha